Meet your new favorites
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Chocolate Buttermilk Old-Fashioned Donut

Chocolate Buttermilk Old-Fashioned

Originally a seasonal flavor, this beauty nearly brought the house down when we tried to take it away! Our proprietary buttermilk old-fashioned cake donut is infused with rich French dark chocolate, and then kissed with a lightly sweet Steve Smith Bergamot tea glaze.

Blueberry Bourbon Basil Donut

Blueberry Bourbon Basil

Sounds strange, yet tastes incredible! The BBB is one of our most popular donuts, and combines fresh sweet blueberries, fresh fragrant basil, and a good local bourbon (added for a hint of caramel depth). The basil is a refreshing balance to this deliciously sweet and colorful concoction.

Passion Fruit Cake Vegan Donut

Passion Fruit Cake (v)

It’s hard to believe sunshine can be captured in a donut, but that’s often what our customers say! Our vanilla cake donut is covered in bright, juicy passion fruit glaze (turned up a notch with a touch of heat!), then topped with crunchy cacao nibs.

Meyer Lemon and Key Lime Curd Donut

Meyer Lemon & Key Lime Curd

A shell of our signature brioche is stuffed with a deliciously rich, buttery curd, made from Meyer Lemon and Key Lime purees. The silky filling is refreshingly tart and lightly sweet, and the shell is finished with a simple dusting of powdered sugar.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Vegan Donut

Mexican Hot Chocolate (v)

Our perfectly moist chocolate cake donut is slathered with a thick, gooey dark chocolate glaze and topped with our special blend of Mexican spices! (Including just a touch of Cayenne for a deliciously “caliente” experience…)

Hard Apple Cider Fritter Donut

Hard Apple Cider Fritter

Our fritter starts with a thick mix of freshly shredded granny smith apples, cinnamon, and coriander. The mix is folded into our signature brioche dough, and then formed and fried to perfection. Finally, while it’s still hot we dip it into our special gooey glaze made with real hard apple cider.

Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk Donut

Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk

A colorful standout in buttermilk donuts! Fresh raspberry puree is combined with Steve Smith hibiscus tea, and balanced with a bright herbal note of fresh rosemary. The bright berry flavor is beautifully paired with the creaminess of the buttermilk old-fashioned for a delicious yet sophisticated treat.

Orange Olive Oil Vegan Donut

Orange Olive Oil (v)

A fresh twist on the powdered sugar donut (and a staff favorite!), our lightly sweet orange-vanilla cake donut is thoroughly coated with a house made high-quality olive oil powder that has been fused with spices and a hint of fennel.

Cointreau Creme Brulee Donut

Cointreau Crème Brûlée

Our signature brioche shell is filled with thick vanilla custard, and then torch-fired by hand to create that crisp, smoky candy shell. A pipette is filled with Cointreau (orange liqueur), which adds a sweet citrus balance when squeezed into the donut.

Cinnamon Sugar Donut

Cinnamon Sugar

A fresh, buttery brioche ring is thoroughly coated with our special recipe – sugar spiced with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. Not too sweet, and spiced just right. An excellent way to really showcase the delicious buttery brioche.

Lemon Poppy Buttermilk Old-Fashioned Donut

Lemon Poppy Buttermilk Old-Fashioned

Our creamy buttermilk old-fashioned cake donut is lightly glazed with this bright, tartly sweet topping, made with fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. A light dusting of poppy seeds provides a bit of smoky texture balance.

Blueberry Basil Cake Vegan Donut

Blueberry Basil Cake (v)

One of our most famous glazes (Blueberry Bourbon Basil) meets fluffy vanilla cake, elevating the popular blueberry-vanilla combo to an outstanding next level!

Chocolate Almond Ganache Donut

Chocolate Almond Ganache

A fresh brioche ring is glazed thickly with rich, delicious dark chocolate made from scratch with 100% natural cocoa powder. Sweet, gooey, and topped with chopped salted Marcona almonds, this makes for a truly decadent chocolate lover’s combination!

Buttermilk Old Fashioned Donut

Buttermilk Old-Fashioned

Our delicious buttermilk old-fashioned cake donut, crispy on the outside and creamy-fluffy on the inside, simply adorned with our signature “O.G.” topping. Sometimes you just gotta keep it real.

PB and J Donut


Our brioche yeast shell is filled with juicy marionberry compote, kicked up with the faintest hint of habanero pepper. It’s then tossed in our special peanut butter powder, which when devoured melts in your mouth, and reconstructs into the ultimate fluffy favorite from childhood.

Passionfruit Cocoa Nibs Donut

Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib

Our signature brioche ring is brightly glazed with the sweet and tart flavor of passion fruit, and playfully kicked up with a dash of Cayenne. Roasted cocoa nibs (bits of cacao or chocolate beans) are sprinkled on top to balance the flavors with a touch of crunchy bitter chocolate. This donut will literally make your mouth water while you’re eating it!

Valrhona Chocolate Crunch Donut

Valrhona Chocolate Crunch

First, we stuff a brioche yeast shell with creamy vanilla custard, and then dip it in rich French dark chocolate. Next, we mound crispy pearls of toasted puffed rice coated in premium dark chocolate on top. Finally, it gets all over your face and it’s totally worth it.

Real Maple Bacon Donut

Real Maple Bacon

100% Pure Maple Syrup is the base of our thick, satisfying maple glaze, which adorns a brioche yeast ring, and is then heaped with a layer of freshly cooked bacon. The salty-sweet flavor is a crowd pleaser!

The O.G. (Horxata Glaze) Donut

The O.G. (Orxata Glaze)

A brioche ring is dipped with our original, house-made Horchata (or Orxata) Glaze for a simple and sweet, delightfully uncomplicated donut. Orxata, a popular traditional Mexican drink, is made with a rice milk base, fresh ground cinnamon, and pure vanilla bean paste.

Sugar n’ Spice Vegan Donut

Sugar n’ Spice (v)

The perfect spiced cake donut really comes down to the balance in the spice blend, and here Chef has nailed it! Our not-too-sweet vanilla cake donut is doused with a special vanilla sugar with spices blended in, making it the ultimate candidate for dunking.